If you live in an apartment, the bathroom may be small or, better said – it can be too small compared to a bathroom from a house. There is no problem with the size of the bathroom, but there may be a problem with what you have inside it.

For a stylish bathroom, you need to completely redesign it, especially if it is old and out of style.

The Asian Design

This is a nice style that can fit into any place, no matter how small or how big the bathroom is. The secret is to use wooden elements in dark colors, close to the color of the bamboo wood. Look for cabinets and vanities that are inspired by the Japanese furniture. That kind of furniture will give fluidity to your bathroom’s design, especially if the dedicated space is too small. In addition, using dark colors will contrast with the white of your walls, giving the illusion of space.

Create Space


It’s a fact that all the small bathrooms have too much furniture in it. To create the illusion of more space, you can get rid of what it’s too old or completely change the furniture. Instead of two small cabinets, make just one cabinet, which is taller and offers more depositing space. In addition, use lighting fixtures that are in trend. Take a round mirror and place lights around it or a square one and use lights on each side of it. Adding some little details can also help, as it will give you the impression of a luxurious bathroom: a beach detail, something made out of stone, live plants, or anything that makes you feel good.

Two in One

If you have a bigger bathroom, you can transform it so that it will be a bathroom for both him and her. There is also a secret, because these can also be small bathrooms. Using horizontal lines and a mirror without frame that covers both sinks is a great illusion. To save up space, you can install a shower made of glass, and delimitate the areas. Have one area for the sink, another one for the toilet and another one for the shower. Use whatever colors you like, but make them pleasant by choosing different textures.

Small Can Be Stylish

HOUSE-PAINTINGIf the place is indeed too small, you can always stylish it. Change the tiles and leave just one cabinet, and also install a shower. Use contrasting colors for the vanity and cabinet and place a very big mirror above the sink. With everything new, you won’t even notice anymore that the space is too small.

Make It Zen

It’s known that Zen is actually a state of mind and spirit, but you can bring this into your bathroom with Asian influences. Use aluminum framed mirror above the vanity and make the vanity in a dark wood. Instead of the classical door, use a Shoji screen. For the rest of the room, make the ceiling and the walls white and add a cabinet from the same material and in the same color as the vanity.

Create a Spa

A Spa is a place where you go to relax. Usually it has big relaxation areas where you can spend some quality time. Instead of going to a spa, transform your own bathroom. Add a nice bathtub or even a small Jacuzzi. Change the sinks and add new fixtures. Use golden-white combined with a warm brown to create contrast on the floor and on the walls. Choose the cabinets in another shade of brown and pick out a very big mirror to hang above the vanity. You’ll have style and the illusion of a bigger place.